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Motivated By Success


Having owned (and sold) businesses and worked in various industries, our staff are able to provide not just legal advice, but proactive commercial and professional insights.


Traditional approaches to legal services are outdated. Unlike most big firms, our business model is not centered around the billable hour, which puts you at risk and vulnerable to being taking advantage of.


Meeting your lawyer should not be a painful and costly ordeal employed as a last resort. We will be your trusted advisors who meet you and advise you on terms suitable to you (without charging you for every email or phone call).


Choosing UX Law gives you a number of value-adds and allows you to avoid the usual issues when dealing with traditional law firms:

Global Expertise

Our lawyers have practiced law and conducted business in various jurisdictions around the world. Our firm has alliances with offices in Europe and Israel.

Competitive prices

We keep our overheads to a bare minimum to keep our prices low. You will not get this quality of advice for this price anywhere else.


You will not be left in the dark. We will respond to you quickly whenever you need and keep you up to date at all times.


Low risk fee arrangements

We offer alternative fee arrangements which minimise your risk. There will not be a nasty surprise when you open our bill.

Full Service

Our lawyers are able to help you across the entire spectrum of commercial issues.

Prioritising client satisfaction

Our employees’ compensation is carefully structured to incentivise efficiency and client retention as opposed to billing more hours. You benefit.